In this technical report, we will introduce technology to contribute to cost reduction for manufacturing flat panels.


1. Advantages of substituting UV adhesive for double sided tape

1. Problems at the time of using double sided tape in manufacturing process

In manufacturing process of flat panel display, double sided tape has been used for adhesion of protection films to prevent dirt or damage of functional films and panels.


However, adhesion by this double sided tape requires many processes such as “double sided tape cut according to adhesive surface”, “adhesion of double sided tape”, and “removal of release paper”.
Also, the problems of wastes such as margin at the time of attaching the tape to release paper and adhesive surface also may occur.


However, utilization of UV adhesive enables to solve the problems of both process number and wastes.





2. Advantage of substituting UV adhesive for double sided tape

  1. Manufacturing process is more efficient compared with using double sided tape. 
    (Process using UV adhesive are printing adhesive and UV curing only.)
  2. Coating adhesive only to the required parts prevents wastes in materials.
  3. It is possible to reduce wastes such as release paper of double sided tape and margincaused by die-cut process.
  4. Fine adjustment of adhesive strength is possible.
  5. Coloring possibility makes it easier to distinguish the coated part.


2. Variation of adhesive and retentive strength provided by adhesive

Adhesive enables adhesive and retentive strength to have variation.


1. Variation image of adhesive

The following is the image of adhesive and retentive strength provided by UV adhesive.
We also have CAT series and UV TAC series as our adhesives.






2. Example of manufacturing cost reduction by utilizing UV adhesive

The following is an example of home appliance used for decoration film adhesion.

Substituting UV adhesive for double sided tape in various products other than flat panel display realizes efficiency in manufacturing process.





3. Physical property and resistance of adhesive

Physical property and resistance (reference value) of UV TAC 10810 are as follows.


1. Characteristic value of adhesive and retentive strength

* Characteristic value of adhesive and retentive strength according to JIS Z-0237 is exhibited as follows.

Stencil mesh T-60 T-150
Catalyst additive amount 0% 3% 5% 0%
Curing condition (mJ/cm2) 400 600 800 400
Adhesive strength (180° peeling) (gf/25mm) *1 3400 2600 2520 2080 1540 1300
Retentive strength (1kg load) (mm/1hr)  *2 0.5 0.2 0.1 0 0 0.5


Printing conditions

Substrate: PET laminate: SUS plate  Catalyst: UV TAC 10810 Catalyst for adhesive
Leave 24 hours after laminate and measure adhesive and retentive strength (Measurement environment: 23°C)

*1 Measurement method of adhesive strength:
Test of peeling adhesive tape at an angle of 180° against stainless test plate

*2 Measurement method of retentive strength (Resistance to misalignment)
Apply specified load on adhesive tape attached to stencil test plate and measure misaligned distance. (The value “0” shows that there was no misalignment even with specified load)


2. Result of resistance test

Test items Conditions Result
Heat resistance 85°C, 500 hours No defect
Humidity resistance 60°C 95% RH 500 hours No defect
Cold resistance -40°C 500 hours No defect
Heat cycle -40°C<-->85°C 30 minutes each, 500 cycles No defect


Printing conditions

Substrate: PET   Printing conditions: T-150  Laminate: SUS plate

Curing conditions: 80W/cm metal-halide lamp: 2 bulbs, Belt speed 10m/min, lamp height 15cm

Leave 24 hours after laminate and implement resistance test.

Eject and then compare change in characteristic value (adhesive and retentive strength) with initial value.





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