In this report, we will introduce attractiveness of Halogen-Free MIX-HF as screen ink.


1. MIX-HF ink which provides high transparency and
    excellent leveling

1.Realization of high transparency and excellent leveling
         (Smooth finish in the printed ink layer surface)

MIX-HF ink has realized "high transparency" and "excellent leveling". (e.g., haze value(*) of MIX-HF000 MEDIUM reaches as much as 0.6.) And it can be used in optical components which require transparency such as camera lens for mobile phones because of its high transparency.


(*) Haze value
Haze value indicates the rate of diffuse transmittance light to non-diffuse transmittance light. That is, the smaller such value is, the better transparency is.

Haze value (%) = Td/Tt 100

(Td:Diffuse transmittance rate Tt:Transmittance rate of all range light rays)


2. Introduction of examples of MIX-HF ink

1. Examples of high transparency and excellent leveling
         of MIX-HF ink

The examples of printing characters on resin sheet by using MIX-HF000 Medium are as follows. Please see high transparency and excellent leveling of MIX-HF ink below.

1-1. Photograph taken from the front side of resin sheet

It is not possible to recognize printed characters because of its high transparency and excellent leveling.


1-2. Photograph of resin sheet taken at a slanting angle

We could confirm the edge of printed characters by slanting the sheet. However, only a part of the characters could be recognized.


1-3. Condition where resin sheet was curved and light was
         shed on the surface

By curving the resin sheet and shedding light on the surface, we could finally see the printed characters (TEIKOKU).



2. Introduction of product information of MIX-HF and
         related technology

Product information of MIX-HF Ink can be accessed here.


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