Introduction of transparent ink TOC-HF (Halogen Free, Highly transparent Ink for Molding)


Transparent ink TOC-HF (applicable to FIM, Halogen Free, High transparency Ink for Molding) can realize transparent and vivid color on mirror surface by multi-layer printing with Mirror ink (mirror effect ink).


1. Realization of vivid color mirror effect by multi-layer printing
     with Mirror ink

1. Multi-layer printing with Mirror ink realizes vivid color
        mirror effect.

Multi-layer printing of Mirror ink (MIR-51000 Mirror Silver) on transparent ink TOC-HF makes it possible to express mirror effect with no dulling and vivid color.


2. Explanation of structure of multi-layer printing
        with Mirror Ink

Print transparent ink TOC-HF on the substrate, multi-layer print MIR-51000 Mirror Silver, and then MIX-HF ink (newly developed product) as back printing of mirror ink.




2. Introduction of vivid color mirror effect

We will introduce vivid color mirror effect, which MIR-51000 Mirror Silver has been multi-layer printed on transparent ink TOC-HF, by various photographs.

Examples show yellow and blue colors but it is also possible to produce various colors by color matching of transparent ink TOC-HF.


1. Cases of printing on resin sheet

Case 1-1


Case 1-2


Case 1-3 (Example of window frame of Smart phone)


2. Case of Film Insert Molding

Multi-layer printing of MIR-51000 Mirror Silver on transparent ink TOC-HF can be also applied to Film Insert Molding.


Case 2-1



Case 2-2



3. Product information

Product information of transparent ink TOC-HF can be accessed here.


Also, MIX-HF (newly developed product) which is used as back printing ink of Mirror ink will be introduced in the next technical report.



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