XFM Screen ink (High Quality and High Definition Screen Printing Ink for Forming)

High Quality and High Definition screen printing ink is the ink which reproduces solid printing and fine pattern faithfully and enables stable printing of 100µm width fine line with quite high accuracy: Ink sagging width within 8µm (one side) and within 116µm (line width).

Excellent printing stability and re-printability, which number of times of stencil cleaning can be reduced. XFM ink is suitable for heat forming application as is suitable for printing fine line or characters on name plate, etc., and provides printed ink layer with excellent flexibility at post-processing.

Note) Now we still deliver High Definition Ink in Japan only.


  • Pattern-printing on PC (polycarbonate) films and sheets.
  • Be sure to confirm before use if annealing (preheat) is required depending on materials.

Special features

  • Enables quite highly-precise printing such as printing 100µm width fine line, dot, etc.
  • Excellent printing stability and high-speed printability.
  • Excellent resistance to vacuum forming.

Thinning / Cleaning

  • Stir well before every use.
  • Thinning is not required before printing. Add XZ-705 Solvent within 5 % if necessary.
  • Screen Cleaner XN is recommended to clean the printing stencil.
  • XSM-40 Defoamer can be added up to 1% for defoaming and improving leveling property.


  • Refer to the printing specification sheet for printing conditions.
  • Coverage of 971 Black with 350 mesh would be about 80 m2/kg.
    (Calculated value of printed ink layer thickness 5 µm)

Drying / Curing

  • Make sure of heated drying. Standard tack free time is 10 minutes at 80°C in box type dryer. Standard final drying conditions are 80°C for 30 minutes.
  • Drying property may be changed by printing dimensions, stencil mesh, printing environment (temperature, humidity, etc.), and performance of dryer.
  • Test under actual conditions before commercial run is strongly recommended.

Standard Colors

001 Victoria   526 Orange 052TC Yellow  
168 Scarlet 581 Magenta 135TC Magenta  
182 Red      671 White   215TC Cyan
240 Light Yellow 791 Green 915TC Black
277 Reddish Yellow 821 Violet  
391 Blue 971 Black

Transport Information

  • Flammable. UN Class: Not relevant
    (Flash point is over 85 Degree C)


  • Shelf life of unopened container is 24 months after manufacturing date.
  • Adhesion and the resistances may be changed by different substrate, operation process, and printing and drying conditions.
  • Adhesion and resistance test at your site with actual conditions before commercial run is strongly recommended.

Safety and Handling

  • Wear protective gloves/eye protection to protect skin and eyes.
  • If ink, solvent, etc. comes in contact with skin, wash/rinse with plenty of water with soap.
  • If in eyes, rinse eyes cautiously with plenty of water or warm water, call a doctor and get medical advice.
  • Keep container tightly closed after use and store in a dark and cool place.
  • The SDS for this product is available upon request.
  • Please request a copy and read it carefully before handling materials. Follow instructions and use all the ink products responsibly.


Test item

Test conditions



JIS K 5600-5-6: ISO 2409 (Cross-cut test): 1mm interval 6X6 cuts, cellophane tape and peel

No peel


110℃, 48hours, check appearance and peeling off from the substrate.

No defect

Hot water

Dip 48 hours in 40℃ warm water, then check appearance and peeling off from the substrate.

No defect


Gakushin scrub tester, cotton soaked ethanol, 500g weight,
100 back and forth. Then check appearance and peeling off from the substrate.

No defect


Gakushin scrub tester, with cotton, 500g weight, 500 back and forth, check color fade.

No defect

Falling-weight test

JIS K 5600-5-3: DuPont Impact Tester, drop 500g weight, from 50cm height, check appearance.

No defect

Bend test

JIS K 5600-5-1: ISO 1519 (Cylindrical Mandrel) 2mm dia.
Check crack.

No defect


Cut with a punch, check cut edges.

No defect

Accelerated weathering

Weather meter with carbon arc, Black panel temp. 63+/-3℃, raining rate 18min/120min, check appearance and peeling. (1000hrs) 

No defect

Ink: XFM-971 BLACK

  • Use and drying conditions: 350 Mesh, 80°C for 30 minutes, Substrate: Polycarbonate
  • These test results are only for our lab purpose. We do not guarantee the results.

April 28, 2017