EG Screen Ink (Gloss Ink for PET Nameplate)

Superior adhesion to various Polyester Films

Substrate & Application

Special Features

Thinning & Cleaning



Drying & Curing



Adhesion testing must be done at your site with actual substrate before commercial run. There may be a difference between substrates from different manufacturers, even different batches. Migrated plasticizers and additives may cause lack of adhesion. Alcohol treatment may be effective to solve the adhesion problem.

Standard Colors : 35 Colors

000 Medium
001 Victoria
002 Extender
003 Bright Red
033 Gel Retarder
037 Royal Blue
112 Crimson
121 Scarlet
161 Scarlet
163 Red
177 Opaque Red
182 Red
221 Yellow
263 Reddish Yellow
271 Opaque Light Yellow
277 Opaque Reddish Yellow
391 Blue
391c Opaque Blue
525 Orange
577 Opaque Orange
581 Magenta
611 White
611c Opaque White
671 Opaque White
675 Opaque White
791 Green
791c Opaque Green
821 Violet
911 Black 911c Opaque Black G
911 Black G
052 TC Yellow
135 TC Magenta
215 TC Cyan
915 TC Black

MK Colors: 5 Colors (Transparent):

MK Violet
MNK Yellow
MNK Light Yellow
MNK Blue

Safety and Handling

Flammable; UN Classification: 3 UN Number: 1210
Use safety gloves and eyeglasses to protect skin and eyes. If the ink or coating comes in contact with skin, wash with soap and plenty of water. If ink comes in contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water and consult with a doctor. Containers should be closed tightly after use and stored in a cool, dark place. SDS is available upon request. Please request a copy and read it carefully before handling materials. Follow instructions and use all ink products responsibly.


Property Test Conditions Results
Adhesion  JIS K 5600-5- (Cross-cut): 1mm interval 6X6 cuts, cellophane tape and peel No defect
Pencil  JIS K 5600-5-4 (Pencil): ISO/DIS 15184: 455g weight, hardness of pencil does not make scratch.   H
Hot  150°C, 100hours, checked appearance & peel.  No defect
Hot Water  JIS K 5600-6-2, 60°C hot water, sinks 48hours, checked appearance & peel  No defect
Hot,Cold,Humid  JIS K 5600-7-4 1 Recycled, 80°C(4.5H) -20°C(0.5H) -40°C(4H) -20°C(0.5H) -50°C,95%RH(14H) -20°Co.5H) No defect
Acid  24 hrs in 10%, check appearance and peeling off  No defect
Alkali  24 hrs in 5% NaOH, check appearance and peeling off  No defect
Ethanol  Gakushin tester, ethanol soaked Kanakin 3 cotton, 200g, 20 times scrubbed, check appearance and peel.  No defect
Abrasion  Gakushin tester, Kanakin 3, 200g weight, 400 times scrubbed, check appearance and peel  No defect
Impact  JIS K 5600-5-3: Dupont Impulse Tester, drop 1kg. weight from 50cm height, check appearance.  No defect
Weather  Sunshine Weather-meter, black panel temp. 63+/-3°C, rain18min/120min, check appearance& peel.  No defect

Note: Substrate: PET (Toray Lumilar 188 microns)
Thinning: 20% of H-002 Thinner Stencil: T-250 mesh
Drying: 30 min at 80°C
These test results are only for our lab purpose. We do not guarantee the results.

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