13 Screen Ink (Gloss Ink for PC, Soft and Rigid PVC and Acrylic Resin)

Teikoku 13 Screen Ink is designed for speed meters and instrument panels of automobiles. Teikoku Ink solved the fogging problem caused by residual solvent in transparent acrylic cover of speed meters. 13 Ink is suitable for polycarbonate, acrylic resin and soft and rigid PVC substrates.

Applications & Substrates

Special Features

Thinning & Cleanin

Printing & Drying


Safety and Handling

Standard Colors 27 colors

000 Medium
001 Victoria
002 Extender
033 Gel Retarder
037 Royal Blue
121c Opaque Scarlet
161 Scarlet
163 Red
177 Red
  182 Red
221 Yellow
263 Reddish Yellow
271 Opaque Light Yellow
277 Opaque Reddish Yellow
391c Opaque Blue
525 Orange
577 Opaque Orange
581 Magenta
  611 White
611c Opaque White
672 Opaque White
SP Opaque White
791c Opaque Green
821 Violet
911 Black
911c Opaque Black No.15



Property Test conditions Results
Adhesion JIS K 5600-5-6 (Cross-cut): ISO 2409: 1mm interval 6X6 cuts, cellophane tape and peel (No peel off)
Pencil Hardness JIS K 5600-5-4 (Pencil): ISO/DIS 15184: 750g weight, Hardness of the pencil, checked for scratching B
Hot & Cold JIS K 5600-7-4: 10 cycles, 50°C, 95%RH(13hrs) -20°C(3hrs) -23°C(3hrs), check appearance and adhesion No defect

Gakushin scrub tester, ethanol soaked cotton, 200g, 50 times, check appearance and peeling.

No defect
Folding JIOS K 5600-5-1: ISO 1519 (Cylindrical Mandrel) 2mm dia. Check crack. No defect
Punching Cut with a punch, check cut edges. No defect
Impact JIS K 5600-5-3: Dupont Impulse Tester, drop 500g weight, from 50cm height, check appearance. No defect

ISO 11341:Weather meter (Xenon), Black panel temp. 63+/-3°C, raining 18/120min, check appearance

No defect


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