UV FIL 393 CLEAR (Blocking-resistant UV Clear Varnish)

UV FIL 393 is an UV curable overcoat clear varnish, which has resistance to blocking, high
gloss, excellent leveling and good stability. It is especially suitable for double-face printed
materials, because it has excellent resistance to face-to-face blocking.

Application & Substrates

Paper, printed area with offset inks.
Printed area with Teikoku solvent type ink (EG Ink).

Special Features

Excellent resistance to face-to-face blocking. Suitable to flexible materials.
Superb gloss and leveling. Good solvent resistance.
Flexible and suitable to cutting and folding. High speed printing and curing.
Most suitable to printing onto double-face offset and screen-printed area.

Thinning & Cleaning

Stir well before every use. Thinning is not required at normal usage.
Reducer is not suitable to clean the stencil. Please use " Screen Cleaner N".

Printing and Curing

270-420 mesh monofilament screen is recommended.
Coverage with 350 mesh is about 60-100 m2/kg.
Curing speed is normally affected by color and thickness of underprint ink, type and color of
the substrate, power and number of UV lamps, and other printing conditions.
With two 80 w/cm metal halide lamps, 15cm high, 20 m/min. belt speed is considered standard.
At this condition accumulated UV energy is about 50 mJ/cm2 and intensity is 225 mW/cm2.
Energy of UV lamps may decrease with time. Checking the UV intensity is recommended.


No additives are required at normal operation.
SM- 278 Defoamer: In case of foaming and repelling, add up to 1%.
SM- 301 Leveling Agent: Use about 1 % to improve surface smoothness.


Adhesion testing must be done at your site with actual substrate. Different lots of substrate might show different results. Slight change of application conditions might affect the results.

Safety and Handling

Use safety gloves and eyeglasses to protect skin and eyes. If the ink or coating contacts the skin, wash with plenty of water and soap. In case of contact with the eyes, wash with plenty of water and consult with a doctor.
Containers should be tightly closed immediately after use, and stored in a dark and cool place.
SDS is available. Please ask for a copy, and read it carefully before handling materials. Please follow the instruction.


Property Test conditions Results
Pencil Hardness JIS K 5600-5-4 (Pencil method): ISO/DIS 15184: 750g weight, hardness which does not make scar.  
Heat  JIS K 5600-6-3: ISO 3248:80°C, 72hrs, check appearance and peeling off from the substrate.  No defect
Hot Water  JIS K 5600-6-2: ISO 2812-2:Dip 48 hours in 40 °C warm water, check appearance & peel.  No defect
Heat & cold  JIS K 5600-7-4: 10 cycles, 50°C, 95%RH(13hrs)~-20°C (3hrs)~23°C (3hrs), then check appearance  No defect
Moisture  JIS K 5600-7-2: 50°C, 95%RH, 168 hrs. Check appearance and peeling off from the substrate.  No defect
Boiling water  Dip 8hrs in boiling water, check appearance and peeling off from the substrate.  No defect
Water  168hrs in city water, check appearance and peeling off from the substrate.  No defect
Acid  Dip 24hrs in 5%HCl solution, check appearance and adhesion.  No defect
Alkaline  Dip 24hrs in 5%NaOH solution, check appearance and adhesion.  No defect
Ethanol  Gakushin scrub tester, cotton soaked ethanol, 200g weight, 50 back and forth.  No defect
Gasoline  Dip 1 hour in gasoline, check appearance and peeling off from the substrate.  No defect
Scrub  Gakushin scrub tester, with cotton, 500g weight, 500 back and forth, check color fade  No defect
Elongation  Tensilon, 25mmX100mm, pull at 300mm/min.  35%
Multiple prints  Print 5 ply, check appearance and adhesion  No defect
Punching  After punching & cutting, check the section.  No defect
Blocking  300 g/cm2, 60°C 95%RH, 24hours  No defect
Weather  ISO11341: Weather meter (Xenon), Black panel temp. 63+/-3 °C , rain 18/120min, check appearance & adhesion.  >800 hrs



Substrate: PVC sticker. Screen: T-350 No thinning
Curing: Two 80w/cm metal halide, 15cm high, 10 m / min belt speed.
These test results are only for our lab purpose. We do not guarantee the results.


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