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Screen Ink technical report

Updated Dec. 2016 NEW!

179: Introduction of SELF-RESTORING CLEAR which repairs scratch during use and maintains brand-new-like beauty.


June 9th, 2016

Teikoku Printing Inks India Pvt., Ltd: ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified


March 24th, 2016
Exhibition report of the 8th International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo


Feb. 14th, 2016
Metallic design and Non-conduntivity!!


Jan. 25th, 2016
Exhibition report of China International Touchscreen Exhibition 2015.


Dec. 2nd, 2015
Exhibition report of N-PLUS 2015.



BACK NUMBER about Screen printing inks

176: Improving visibility of display by realizing both low-reflection function and high transparency.
175: New decoration of PP resin product by using Film Insert Molding (FIM)
174: Mirror ink for glass, realizing beautiful mirror surface on the glass.
173: Matt Clear realizing formability and high scratch resistance.
172: Coexistence of Black color with high opacity and non-conductivity.
171: Realize decoration of glass materials by low temperature drying.
170: Coexistence of excellent flexibility and high durability. Introduction of ink for dummy can
169: Coexistence of metallic design and non-conductivity
168: Reduction of printing process by High Opaque Black and High Opaque White
167: Beautiful White color ink.
166: VK Ink Series. Combination with overcoat clear realizes high weather resistance
165: For using suitable Catalyst to improve printing quality.
164: Coexistence of excellent scratch resistance and the design. Introduction of UV TAF (A) Clear.
163: Coexistence of IR transmission function and the design.
162: UV adhesive which realizes efficiency of manufacturing flat panels by substituting for double sided tape.
161: Introduction of MIX-HF of which high transparency expands application as Clear
160: Excellent performance as protective layer of MIR ink
159: TOC-HF realizes vivid color mirror effect
158: Introduction of transparent ink TOC-HF
157: Introduction of Luminova Phosphorescent Ink
156: Metallic tone decoration on glass substrate
155: High-value addition to the glass substrate by applying high opaque decoration
154: High value addition to touch panel glass by utilization of inks with IR transmittance function

FIM/IMD technology White Paper(150-153)

(1) FIM/IMD - 3 Process stages & Benefits -
(2) FIM/IMD - Screen printing process -
(3) FIM/IMD - Forming process -
(Final) FIM/IMD - Injection process -

149: GLS-HF ink specially designed for glass substrate
148: Environmentally Friendly FIM/IMD Ink and Binder
147: Non-Conductive Black Ink and Jet-Black Ink
146: Concealed Printing utilizing IR Transmittable Ink
145: MIR-51000 Mirror Silver

Exhibition Report

2014 13th China International Touchscreen Exhibition
2015 Convertech JAPAN 2015
2014 IPF Japan 2014
2013 Convertech JAPAN 2013
2011 IPF JAPAN 2011
2010 The 4th China International Touch Screen Exhibition
2010 Convertech JAPAN 2010





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ISX-HF(1pack type)
IPX-HF(2pack type)
INQ-HF(2pack type)
IMB-HF006(1pack type)
IMB-HF009(1pack type)

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Automobive World 2016 !!
China Touch Screen2015 !!
N-PLUS 2015
Convertech JAPAN2015
China Touch Screen 2014
China Touch Screen 2013
Convertech JAPAN 2013
China Touch Screen 2010
Convertech JAPAN 2010



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