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第8回国际汽车电子技术展 展示报告




1. 可以对应小批量多品种的成形油墨
2. 具有防止触摸屏误操作功能的油墨
3. 对于真空成形有良好的耐刮伤,亚光的油墨
4. 其他新产品的介绍

时间: 2016.01.13 - 01.15
会场: 东京国际展示场(东京 Big Sight)
主页: http://www.car-ele.jp/zh-cn/home/



1. 展示出汽车车内空间高级感的钢琴黑(漆黑色)的介绍


This ink realizes unique deep black color with gloss called "Piano black" "Jet black", which contributes to demonstrating special high-grade sense on car interiors.


Torque converter, air conditioner control, and navigation system of automobiles


※ 从这里可以了解到介绍的油墨,工艺,试制品的情况

2. Proposal of realizing both design improvement and cost reduction for car interior parts

What is Film Insert Molding (FIM) ? :

Film Insert Molding (FIM) is the method for making product by integrating pattern-printed thermoplastic resin film or sheet into molded resin material.Unlike painting, Film Insert Molding realizes free design such as multi-color, gradation, thin line, etc.Insert molding realizes unification of the products made with several parts into one part, which enables cost reduction.。




1) Screen printing
Screen printing of Binder and decorative ink on decorative film.
2) Forming
Forming of decorative film printed.Decorative film side as frontside surface and printed ink layer as backside surface.
3) Injection
Injection by pouring molding resin into decorative film formed.

※ 从这里可以了解到介绍的油墨,工艺,试制品的情况

3. Decoration technique of PP resin molding material which contributes to weight saving of automobiles

FIM technology improving decoration property of PP resin material suitable for weight saving:

Newly developed Binder realized Film Insert Molding (FIM) using PP resin for both decorative film and molded object. This development enabled using lightweight and strong PP resin for interior parts, which contributes to weight saving of automobiles.


Motorcycle and automobile parts


※ 从这里可以了解到介绍的油墨,工艺,试制品的情况

4. Chemical-resistant Clear reducing deterioration of car interior over time

Realization of chemical resistance conforming to high standard for car interior resistance:

Clear applicable to high chemical resistance required for car interior. By using this Clear for materials which are touched by human hands and could be severely deteriorated by aging, we can realize sustainability of both design and beauty.


Car interior


Example of adhering chemical to conventional Clear ink. (Cloudiness caused by chemical corrosion.)
Example of adhering chemical by applying chemical-resistant Clear.(No corrosion at all.)

※ 从这里可以了解到介绍的油墨,工艺,试制品的情况

5. Matt Clear excellent in scratch resistance contributing to simplification of manufacturing process

Excellent scratch resistance realizes simplification of protection process:

Conventional matt clear ink provides weak scratch resistance and required protection process such as protective laminate in manufacturing process. However, FLG-HF G05 Matt Clear, providing optimum balance of flexibility and hardness and excellent scratch resistance, enables simplification of protection process.This Clear can maintain matting state and provide moist sense of touch even with vacuum forming.


Automotive meter


※ 从这里可以了解到介绍的油墨,工艺,试制品的情况

6. Realization of both preventive measure for static electricity of car navigation system and high opaque black color

Realization of non-conductive black ink usable for static-sensitive car navigation system and automotive touch panel:

Non-conductive Black ink realizing both excellent opacity and high electric resistance (surface electric resistance value over 1010 Ω). The ink is suitable for printing window frame of car interior touch panel for which light shielding and prevention of malfunction caused by static electricity are required.


Car navigation system, Car interior touch panel equipment


※ 从这里可以了解到介绍的油墨,工艺,试制品的情况

7. Introduction of Metallic ink which is usable for electrical equipment of static-sensitive car interior

Realization of both high electrical resistance value and metallic design:

Non-conductive metallic ink realizes both metallic design and high electrical resistance value. This ink can provide metallic design to car interior electrical equipment such as car navigation system and information panel, etc., where malfunction caused by static electricity is a concern.


Car interior touch panel equipment


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